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Some States honor permits from any State, resident or not (example: Utah).  Some only honor a permit from another State if the holder is a resident of that State (example: Florida). Some States issue permits to their residents, but do not issue to a non-resident nor honor any permit from any outside State; the point being that if you obtain a permit to carry, you are solely responsible for verifying that your permit is honored in the State you are visiting.  Further, you must obey the laws of the State you are in, NOT the State that issued the Permit (unless, of course that is also the State you are in!)

Sites such as handgunlaw.us, although tremendously valuable for travellers, are generally volunteer sites....meaning, that if the law or reciprocity issues changed, it may take some time before those changes are confirmed by the site owner and added to their site. 

Again, it is your responsibility to know the law of the State you are visiting!