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Thanks for bringing the NRA Instructor class to our community. It was great!

Thank you...the legal analysis was the best part of the class...an eye opener! (Taylor and Melinda, Minnesota)

Wow....what fun! (Tom, Jack and the crew, Iowa)

Thanks so  much...it was not at all what I expected...it was GREAT! (Janis, Minnesota)

....great class...enjoyed it very much...made you stop and think!...really impressed! (Doug, Illinois)

Loved every minute of the NRA instructor class!  (anon)

Outstanding! (Dennis, Iowa)

Comprehensive...well presented.... (William, Iowa)

Thanks for doing the renewal on such short notice. (Carrie, Minnesota)

Great job...send me a Christmas Card. (ed. note...that is an inside joke...take a class and you will understand it!); (Dwight, Iowa)

What fun...great class...super instructor!  I did not know a really basic class could be so engaging (ed. note: referring to NRA First Steps/Pistol)....  (Nesshus family, Minnesota)

Best analysis of legal use of force I have ever heard!  (Jim, attorney from Minnesota)

You are right...Glocks can be seen as "pretty' :)  (Merle, South Dakota)

Thanks for making a "class of one" a possibility.  (Kathy, Minnesota)

Thanks to you and the Sheriff for helping me so quickly. It was appreciated.  (Mary, Minnesota)

Tremendous class! I was surprised by how much I did not know (or was just plain wrong on legal issues!) (Janet, Nebraska)

Thanks for the women's only class-it was much more comfortable for my daughter and I. (Lynn and Sandee, Nebraska)

The best class, most informative, most USEFUL information I have had! (Karl, Nebraska)

Thanks for the great class...and bargain at that! (Jim, Ted and Marlon, Minnesota)

I really enjoyed the class...keep up the good work! (Rory, ND)

Thanks for having the class! (Kurt, Illinois)

...that was a fun-informative class...very well done!  (Kim, Illinois)

Superb!  Well worth the drive from Indiana! (Jerry, Indiana)

Great way to spend a day.  (Mary and Tom, Iowa)

Your NRA course coupled with your wide selection of guns helped me find a gun that fit my hands well and am comfortable operating which I feel will help me be a safer shooter. THANKS! (Matt, Fergus Falls)

We both had a great time (and) look forward to the NRA Basic Pistol class after we've had some time to practice shooting. (T. and S., Fargo)

I really enjoyed this class. Everything was well explained and questions well answered. You have patience and a good sense of humor. Great Job! (Barb, Kansas)

Thanks for the class ...we very much enjoyed the (time)... (D&J M, Moorhead).

Thanks for the informative class ...I really enjoyed it. (Ken, Fargo)

Paul, Thanks for the class and all the your patience. We both had a good time and thought the class instruction was awesome. (B & T, Fargo)

Excellent presentation! Excellent explanation of  materials. Very informational! (Jeff, Detroit Lakes)

Well defined course...everything was beneficial. (Mike, Detroit Lakes)

Thank you for having the Women's Only class! I feel much more comfortable around guns now. (Marlys, Detroit Lakes)

I was at the Women's Only class this past weekend. When is the next one? I want to come again and bring my daughter. (Susan, Dilworth)

I really enjoyed the class and intend to spread the word around. (Theresa, Moorhead)

Paul, thank you for being such a good listener and teacher. You put us at ease and made the class fun and informative. We will be coming back for our North Dakota Permit tests in a few weeks. (Jim and Traci, Fargo)

We had a hoot in the women's only class this Fall. It was fun to try so many different handguns to learn what we liked and what we could shoot!  (The Lefse Gals, Ulen)

My father took a Permit Class down in the Minneapolis area and paid $150. Your fee is a bargain!  (Rick, Lake Park)

Paul, thanks for taking such small groups. We were a bit intimidated by guns, and your patience and  help made us feel safe and confident. (the DL gals, Ann and Anne!)

We had a really great time; our kids LOVED it. (The Barnes family, Minnetonka)

A class of ONE?? You made my day!  I have practiced the stance and grip hints and am hitting the ten ring more often than ever.  (Jason, Moorhead)

As a complete novice, I had no idea there were so many types of guns. Thanks for letting me try so many. I just bought a new Beretta 92 and can't wait to try it out. (Lance, Moorhead)

We are bringing our boy friends to the next class. Don't tell them we have been practicing! (the Bison-ettes)

I have had a lot of handgun training, and most cost more, a lot more, than your class. Your class is a bargain at many times the price. Your insight as a lawyer and a shooter brings a unique perspective to the class. I do have one little criticism, and that is more range time. Really, what I mean (the time was fine) is (...) have you considered a shooting class where it is solely focused on shooting technique?  Sign me up for that one!  (Chris, Alexandria)

Wow...fun - fun- and more fun!  I still think my answer on the test was correct though :)  (Tim, Moorhead)

My wife and I enjoyed the class. We have not owned handguns before, and were reluctant to take the class. Your ability to put us at ease with whatever decision we might make about continuing and buying a handgun was appreciated. We just bought a Glock 19 for my wife and a Glock 17 for me. My children are amazed.  They will be taking the class soon too. Thanks again.  (John and Kim, Fargo)

I am jealous that you have a "home range"   (W)e need a good indoor range in the area so we can practice what we learned! (the Anderson's, Moorhead)

Thanks!  My wife still thinks I am a gun nut, but she now asks to come with to the range, so progress is being made! She even asked about getting a .22 revolver, the Ruger Single Six.  (Mark and Jan, Moorhead)

Sorry that I have asked so many e-mail questions after the class. Thanks for taking the time to educate me even more. (Tom, Detroit Lakes)

I had never seen a handgun before your class. They don't scare me any more, but I do have a respect for them! Don't tell my husband that I actually had fun! (Anonymous-Fargo)

Class was informative and fun. We liked the relaxed personality that you have, as it puts students at ease; after all, this is serious business. We will be back for a refresher course in the Summer. Let us know when you are adding the NRA Personal Protection class to the offerings.  (Josh and Mary, Tom, Mark, Fargo)

Thanks for coming to Lincoln! My in-laws are coming to the next one! (Jason, Lincoln, NE)

We in Iowa need more Utah classes...our permit just is not as good as we need. (Martin, Ames, IA)

Thanks for doing the instructor classes here in Arizona. As a Sun City West resident, it was fun to hop in the golf cart for a 5 minute drive to class!  I had a wonderful experience.; (Darryn, SCW, AZ)

And a nice note from the State of Utah...